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Welcome to Jewels of Light Studios

If you are here, it is because we share a love of color, Beauty and wholeness.

Color is a truly mystical aspect of life. It raises consciousness, lifts our spirits, expands our soul, comforts and heals us on many levels. There actually cannot be color without light. Things that we identify as red, green or orange are not innately that, but we perceive them as such because of the action of light upon their surface.

Ruth calls herself a “colorist” because she paints color and light. Her commitment as an artist, is to paint compositions of color, rather than objects. Her goal is to find the form that resides in the canvas. Art is among the few things one purchases for emotional reasons. Regardless of the technique, medium, or painter, a “great” painting is one that speaks to you personally, enriching your life with peace, serenity and balance. See a selection of Ruth's paintings now sold as prints, posters, cards and home decor: throw pillows and duvet covers by FineArtAmerica

Ruth with Banner of Peace
Ruth with the                        
Roerich Banner of Peace & Culture        

In 1910, the Russian artist Nicholas K. Roerich, wrote “Humanity is facing coming events of cosmic greatness. Nothing is accidental. We are witnessing the rethinking of values... The time for construction of the future culture is at hand. The sign of Beauty will open the sacred gates." Roerich believed Beauty speaks an international language that could be a solution to world peace and created the Banner of Peace in an attempt to preserve the world's artistic treasures in time of war.

Poet John Keats wrote: “A thing of Beauty is a joy forever.” Dostoevsky proclaimed: “Beauty will save the world.” Drayer's paintings, her “jewels of light,” are created to add more beauty and color, tranquility and well-being to the world. Contact us for prices, more information or to commission a work of healing art especially for your home or office.

New in 2016:
January 2016 EGuide magazine: A Spiritual Journey of a Great Artist and Peacemaker: Ruth Drayer

See slideshow of some of Ruth's paintings on an Animoto display with musical background

New in 2017 - Video
"Conversations in Color" at the Tombaugh Gallery:


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